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I'm Steve Paul, founder of cesura coaching. I provide life coaching and leadership coaching to private clients and to leaders, senior managers and rising stars in businesses.

We all face challenges - in our professional and private lives - that can determine or undermine success, fulfilment and happiness. The most common challenges are: 

  • The ability to build and sustain mutually rewarding relationships

  • A balanced self-image and self-awareness, and a stable, integrated sense of ourselves

  • The enthusiasm, energy and personal resourcefulness to learn and develop

  • The willingness and confidence to adapt positively to change

Coaching provides the time and space to explore, reflect and take action to address these challenges in a positive way that can enhance performance, success and wellbeing.

Coaching for leaders and teams

As a CEO or managing director, board director or managing partner in a small to medium-sized business, coaching can help you and your colleagues work effectively together to drive change and growth


Coaching for leaders and teams includes discovery and capture sessions with individuals, group exploration workshops and depth follow-on sessions. Collaborating and sharing as a leader and withing the team are key to a successful business where team chemistry and individual effectiveness are closely linked.


Coaching for teams and for leaders in a business can quickly produce measurable results in areas such as:


  • Winning pitches and retaining clients,

  • Developing and delivering profitable products and services

  • Developing rewarding reciprocal stakeholder relationships

  • Attracting and motivating talented employees

Coaching for individuals

In your professional career, your social life and your personal life  one to one coaching can help you find success, fulfilment and happiness


In your coaching sessions, you will be able to pause and reflect on areas you want to develop and you'll find the resources within yourself to be:

  • Innovative and creative in your thinking

  • Expressive and balanced in your emotions 

  • Effective and engaging in your relationships 

  • Resilient and successful in situations you face

  • Flexible and adaptable to change - in work, socially or personally


Coaching will help unlock your ability to change and grow so that you can be happy and fulfilled.


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Many people, thinking about coaching, find it useful to have a short initial phone call to find out how an individual coach can work with them.


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In a 20 - 30 minute free of charge call we'll look at what areas you'll find useful and I'll give you a sense of my coaching and mentoring style. There's no obligation: you decide if I would be the best coach for you.

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