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Welcome to the cesura website - business and personal coaching for leaders, teams and individuals.

I am a professional, certified coach working with private clients and with individuals in an organisational context. My clients include leaders, senior directors and managers, and ‘rising stars’. I also facilitate team coaching sessions at a senior level and provide mentoring for entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

The context and situations faced by businesses and private clients vary from one to another but there are common elements across all of these that determine success, fulfilment and happiness.


  • The ability to build and sustain mutually rewarding relationships

  • A balanced self-image and self-awareness, and a stable, integrated sense of ourselves

  • The enthusiasm, energy and personal resourcefulness to learn and develop

  • The willingness and confidence to adapt positively to change

In addition to my professional training as a transitional coach, I have many years experience of change, adaptation and growth working at a senior level in UK and international businesses.

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Coaching individuals

In your professional career, your social life and your personal life  one to one coaching can help you find success, fulfilment and happiness


In your coaching sessions, you will be able to pause and reflect on areas you want to develop and you'll find the resources within yourself to be:

  • Innovative and creative in your thinking

  • Expressive and balanced in your emotions 

  • Effective and engaging in your relationships 

  • Resilient and successful in situations you face

  • Flexible and adaptable to change - in work, socially or personally


Coaching will help unlock your ability to change and grow so that you can be happy and fulfilled.

Coaching leaders and teams

As a CEO or managing director, board director or managing partner in a small to medium-sized business, coaching can help you and your colleagues work effectively together to drive change and growth


Coaching for leaders and teams includes discovery and capture sessions with individual actors, group exploration workshops and individual follow-on sessions. Collaborating and sharing as a team and as a leader are key characteristics in a successful business where team chemistry and individual effectiveness are closely linked.


Coaching for teams and for leaders in a business can quickly produce measurable results in areas such as:


  • Winning pitches and retaining clients,

  • Developing and delivering profitable products and services

  • Developing rewarding reciprocal stakeholder relationships

  • Attracting and motivating talented employees


Benefits of coaching

Coaching for individuals

  • Career Junction or Progression:  starting a new job, seeking or accepting promotion, joining a new team, planning a major event, considering relocation or redundancy

  • Career Change: seeking a new job or a complete change of role, looking to consolidate your skills and experience in a new career

  • Personal Value Proposition: developing a clear understanding and formulating an authentic expression of the value you create for yourself, your employer and others

  • Presentations & Meetings - formal or ad hoc: planning and preparing, presenting with confidence and conviction; handling difficult questions, keeping focus, maintaining presence

  • Confidence, Motivation, Personal Presence:  developing the key components that will enable you to be your best self and will help you deliver the greatest value to those around you

Coaching for leaders and teams 

  • Winning Pitches: building team chemistry and making best use of your best people; reflecting, learning and improving 


  • Retaining Clients: getting closer to clients and leveraging all your team assets to give them a great service 


  • Increasing the Effectiveness of Boards of Directors: understanding perspectives and expectations of board members; cooperating and collaborating; clarifying and respecting roles and relationships


  • Growing the Business: aligning leader/director values with business purpose, vision and mission; overcoming obstacles to change and growth


  • Organisational Change:  making the most of change arising from workplace dynamics, a merger or acquisition, new technology, the external economy


Coaching for individuals: packages to suit your needs

Packages provide the structure for our sessions - how many you initially plan to have, how long each will last, resources we'll want to use. Packages usually start with a 1-hour Discovery session where we set the foundation and establish your goals and the outcomes you want from coaching. Although we may have discussed this in the initial Chemistry session we will explore this in more depth.

The following sessions follow a broad structure covering:

  • A closer look at your current situation

  • Exploration of the range of available and possible options and strategies

  • Deeper dive into values and beliefs, resources and obstacles

  • Development and rehearsal of different key actions and their benefits and consequences

Interwoven with this outline structure we may decide it's useful to work through different exercises, model different situations and apply supporting methodologies and techniques.


The framework spans a 12 week period and includes


  • Six face-to-face 1-hour sessions

  • Email support 

  • Working hours telephone support

The preference framework is charged at a reduced rate when booked in advance.

A limited number of concessionary places are available.


60 or 90 minute sessions, booked ad hoc, working through specific actions or practical exercises as required.


A top-up to previous work or preparation for a specific upcoming event, opportunity or challenge.

Call-up sessions are charged at an hourly rate or 90-minute rate.


Sessions of 90 minutes tailored to your individual needs using a mix of face-to-face, online and email/messaging support.

Incorporates deep coaching and elements of NLP/Hypnotherapy where we can address deeper issues such as motivation, limiting beliefs, confidence.

Bespoke is charged at a special rate agreed in advance.


A half or full day workshop and subsequent sessions to tackle a range of strategies you may want to develop.

Immersion includes hands-on practical activities, role-play, modelling and outputs.

Immersion is charged at a special rate agreed in advance - typically £750 per half day.




Client-centric coaching

Every client has their own reason for wanting to make or respond to change in their work or their personal lives. 

Because of that, my approach is always client-centred; I treat you as an individual, building build the trust and openness that leads to an honest and respectful relationship.


I incorporate a range of forward-looking techniques that include NLP, Hypnotherapy, and practical mentoring .

Before you start on a programme of coaching you probably have a number of questions, which might include:


  • How long does a session last?

  • How many sessions will I need?

  • What methods and processes will there be?

  • Will we have the right chemistry?


To answer these and any other questions you may have people find it helpful to have an initial phone call with me. We'll spend 30 minutes or so to help you decide what works for you.

It's easy to book a chemistry session

When you contact me, we'll discuss what you want to get from coaching and we'll then set up your first coaching session.


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