About Me

My mission is to help clients develop their personal resourcefulness, so they are able to get the greatest satisfaction and fulfilment out of their work. That includes individuals in leadership roles in organisations and individuals in their private lives.


My vision is that everyone should be able to wake up with positive anticipation about the day ahead, a feeling of purpose in their working lives, and a balance with their social and personal lives. Good relationships and a sense of self, within with teams and wider groups, is part of that.

My goal is a coaching and mentoring practice that gives me a rewarding and balanced lifestyle and also provides the opportunity to continue to grow and learn and to contribute to the wellbeing of those I work with and the organisations that they work within.

Prior to coaching, I had a long and successful career in marketing, sales, and strategy roles within Philips, The BBC, Commodore Computer, Lotus/IBM and Harper Collins. I have also been a director and senior client partner in a number of digital and brand agencies. 


I now work with businesses leaders and with private individual clients working in business roles:-rising stars, senior managers and entrepreneurs. I also work with clients looking for a new start or for a major career change. My aim is to empower clients to adopt a positive mindset so they can adapt and adjust their thinking, their choices and their actions to meet the situations and people they will face in the world. 

Respect | Challenge | Support

I've worked with talented and diverse people from a wide range of business and creative disciplines across many sectors in different organisational types.


That's helped me develop my natural curiosity and enthusiasm for engaging with people and has strengthened my core values, which I strive to live every day in everything that I do in my personal and my working life.


I'd like to share these value with you.

  • I respect who people are; their uniqueness, their difference, their talents, their motivations, their passions, and their dreams.


  • I challenge where I see opportunities or difficulties; where I find clients held back by limiting beliefs; where patterns are stuck in the past and are preventing movement forward. I always do so with respect and consideration.


  • support and care for those around me and do my best to make a better world for those whom I am fortunate enough to meet.

My Values



My experience

Client-side experience

  • Product Manager

  • Group Marketing Manager

  • International Marketing Manager

  • Sales and Marketing Director

  • Marketing Strategist


I worked for a number of interesting and rewarding companies and organisations including:


  • BBC

  • HarperCollins

  • Lotus-IBM Software

  • Commodore Computer

  • Philips Electronics

Agency experience

  • Client Director

  • Digital Strategy Director

Clients included:

Law/accountancy firms:

  • Irwin MitchellSimmons & Simmons

  • Grant Thornton

Energy and Power:

  • BP; Alstom Power



  • South West Trains; Megabus

  • East Midlands Trains


Financial Services

  • Deutsche Bank; RBS; Post Office


Media & Telecoms

  • Sky; Discovery Channel; BT



  • The Crown Estate; British Land

Coach, mentor & consultant


As a coach and mentor, my clients have come from diverse roles and sectors.

As a consultant I have mostly worked as a freelance within major digital agencies:

  • Digital and brand communications agencies

  • Travel and leisure

  • Building and construction

  • Fitness and wellbeing

  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

  • Brand, digital, and design agencies

  • New business start-ups

  • Photography, film-making and Visual Arts

  • Music